Technological, conceptual and visual design for digital platforms

Made in Portugal help Brands and Companies, create and implement models and frameworks, for Strategy, Digital Transformation and Innovation. Is also a company, focused on develop INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGICAL PROJECTS, such as: Web, mobile, internet of things & wearables, interactive applications and platforms, audiovisual infrastructures and integration, digital Marketing solutions applied to all markets, supports and platforms.


We love to:

  • Build the visual and project concept, particularly in the following areas: general concept, research, innovation and development processes, development team, technical and creative merge;
  • Prepare the mood board an storyboard to share the intended concept of third parties (architects, designers, contractors and other professionals involved in the construction activities).
  • Assist in preparation of project tender documents and, prepare all the parties relating to the hiring of specialized services necessary for the efficient execution of the project;
  • Search, triage and suggest businesses and competent professionals to provide the range of works specialties.
  • Search, monitor and predict the introduction of new solutions, technologies and products that add value to the construction process;
  • Ensure compliance with the technical implementation of activities, in charge of third parties, as defined in the implementation schedule;
  • Ensure good management and proper use of all equipment assigned to the project;
  • Management, financial control and reporting.


 Made in Portugal’s project Mystic Paths, was co-financed by:



Digital Platforms & On-line Stores
Motion Graphics and Animation
Mobile Apps
Content strategy
Social platforms visual engage
Design & User Experience
Project management and coordination