Brands and Companies Consultancy for Strategy, Transformation and Innovation.

Made in Portugal aims to help Brands and Companies create and implement models and frameworks for Strategy, Transformation and Innovation.

In our way, we:

– Work on research for adaptative models concerning brand outcomes
– Suggest a project framework for the model implementation
– Connect and gather a pool of trends and sectors to sponsor and invest
– Implement and audit the relations and defined KPI’s
– Sponsorship contracts due-diligence

The 10 “must-have” of our service:

1. Brand Visibility
2. Targeted Marketing
3. Consumer Perception
4. Efficient Lead Generation
5. Sales Goals
6. Community Goodwill
7. Content Strategy
8. Audience Insights
9. Business Relationships
10. Return on Investment


Technological, conceptual and Visual design high-impact projects and digital platforms

Also Made in Portugal is a company focus on develop INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGICAL PROJECTS, such as: Conceptual & Visual high-impact Projects, that includes Internet of Things & Wearables, Interactive Applications and platforms, Audiovisual infrastructures and integrationDigital Marketing solutions applied to all markets, supports and platforms.

We love to:

  • Build the visual and project concept, particularly in the following areas: general concept, research, innovation and development processes, development team, technical and creative merge;
  • Prepare the mood board an storyboard to share the intended concept of third parties (architects, designers, contractors and other professionals involved in the construction activities).
  • Assist in preparation of project tender documents and, prepare all the parties relating to the hiring of specialized services necessary for the efficient execution of the project;
  • Search, triage and suggest businesses and competent professionals to provide the range of works specialties.
  • Search, monitor and predict the introduction of new solutions, technologies and products that add value to the construction process;
  • Ensure compliance with the technical implementation of activities, in charge of third parties, as defined in the implementation schedule;
  • Ensure good management and proper use of all equipment assigned to the project;
  • Management, financial control and reporting.



Digital Platforms & On-line Stores
Motion Graphics and Animation
Mobile Apps
Content strategy
Social platforms visual engage
Design & User Experience
Project management and coordination