Art, Technology… and Barcodes – Best Portuguese Tech Building 2017

The building was designed by the Promontório architecture studio and has the contribution of the artist Vhils on the façade. The technology project and interactive experience, was developed and implemented by Made in Portugal.


The GS1 Portugal building was considered by the jury as the “Best Building of the Year 2017” and winner in the Offices category, on the night that awarded the best built in Portugal during 2016. The Real Estate Oscars 2017 distinguished excellence of the sector.

In a year of 21 applications for the six competing categories, Trade, Housing, Collective Equipment, Tourism, Offices and Rehabilitation, the quality of the projects was a revelation as the market shows signs of growth.

With the signature of Promontorio architect Pedro Appleton, the new building of GS1 Portugal’s Center for Innovation and Competitiveness, besides being innovative, has 49 eight-meter artistic panels by artist Vhils. It took 400 tons of concrete for the urban artist to be able to work on three-dimensional reliefs on 49 eight-meter and eight-ton artistic panels for the façade of the latest building of the GS1 Portugal Innovation and Competitiveness Center – codes of bars and other global standards.

Located on the Lumiar Campus in Lisbon, and designed by architect Pedro Appleton of the Promontório studio, the new home of GS1 Portugal is, in the opinion of João de Castro Guimarães, CEO of GS1®Portugal (CODIPOR), the founding symbiosis and intentional among Standards, Art and Technology.