Creation Via Destruction with Vhils

“Destruction is inherent in all forms of creation. Even if you’re a writer, you have to destroy the white paper to pursue your craft. ” says Vhils, 27 year-old artist and curator. As one of the key figures behind Portugal’s contemporary art scene, Vhils is known for his unique chisel and etch techniques that see him drill through layers of billboard and concrete to form stunning portraits. Commenting on the social system and the various segments involved, Vhils’s art is both abstract and approachable, and has taken to walls in Shanghai, London, Honolulu and more. Aside from exhibiting a series of public space murals hosted by his Under Dogs agency, the young artist recently exhibited his largest body of work to date at the Electric Museum Lisbon titled “Dissection.” We caught up with Vhils after the exhibition to learn more about his artistic approach and how graffiti will always play a key component in his “destroying to create” ethos.