GUSP Portuguese SAP Users Congress – Lisbon 2018

It was the second edition of the GUSP Congress, which brought together at the Evolution Hotel and the Beato Creative Hub in Lisbon, about 170 participants, to discuss topics related to technology and society in general, with the signature “Invisible Technology – People and the Future “. In an atypical and disruptive format.
The feed back of the event exceeded all expectations.

174 Participants present
267 Participants in Live Streaming (Ap. Pep Torres)
384 Participants in Live Streaming (Apr. Ant. Murta)
23 Speakers
82 SAP member companies
9 Sponsors
6 NGOs
2 Universities
35 National / international guests
10 Exhibition Stands, 1 Lounge Area, 1 Streetfood Hall, 1 SAPLounge

Made in Portugal produced the entire event and developed all the necessary technological solutions, of which we highlight:

Web site
Video reporting
Photo Report:
Live Streaming Video