Sagres Promunturium Sacrum


The project developed by Imagetic involved the creation of the website, the mobile application (Android and iOS), and activation and external interaction with georeferenced content through Ibeacons, small dots (the size of a coin and equipped with battery that ensures them a range of three to five years) placed along the fortress and the promontory that send automatic notifications to those who downloaded the application and enjoyed spending time on site, providing all the information on these points of interest.

To download the application, free, just go to the new site of the Promontory of Sagres, or to Google’s shops (for Android) or Apple, although in the latter case, and ‘strictly bureaucratic reasons’, only this week it is expected that the app will be available.

Promontório de Sagres tem site, app, ibeacons, filme e novo livro sobre o Infante

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